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picture of ingrained spelled out alongside scattered granola

ingrained is a small-batch Chicago snackery. we connect with people through food; we make real food for real people and specialize in handmade, plant-based, gluten-free and refined sugar-free snacks.

there is a shift in consumer loyalty today. we can see that rising generations care about the origin of their grub. buying local and small batch has never been so attractive, and i am thrilled to be part of the conversation.

history shows that the most impactful way to initiate market change is to start locally - so go to the farmers markets, buy handmade treats, talk to your grocer & settle for nothing less than transparency. 

invest in your health and stand behind the people in the food industry that care about you, by paying the extra couple of $$ for locally sourced products in your market.

it is so important for society to recognize honest, sustainable manufacturers. it is time we throw some major shade to the fakes, the big food businesses, the harmful additives because there is no room in this industry for BS. you prioritize your health, happiness, mobility, strength (& much more) when you say bye Felicia to processed food and big food business.  

when you know better, you do better.

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